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Dear Robert and Sherry,

The Moore family has just enjoyed the first Thanksgiving in our new home. We are immenseley thankful for all you did to bring that to pass. Both of you have been a delight to work with. We never had a concern that our home would be less than we hoped.

Robert, you have been a valuable guide from start to finish, asking us to consider features that were different from our original idea, as with the gas heat that keeps us so warm. We have been pleased with the subcontractors and the attention they gave to the details in our home. I thank you for continuing to work on our behalf to ensure that the last window grids were installed. Because Lewis and I have beeen so busy with our jobs, we were grateful that you did not require our close supervision to carry out the plans.

Sherry, your work made our business transactions pain-free. Thank you for organizing the receipts so efficiently. We knew where we stood financially and there were no surprises. It was a relief to us, month after month, to check your figures and know that you were a person of honesty and integrity.

With sincere thanks,

Rosemary Moore